November 26 2022

This Christmas give away theater tickets: the complete guide to all the spaces in the Community of Madrid

It will be a strange holiday, because this Christmas you will not be able to travel. We give you the list, by locations, of all the theaters of the Community of Madrid Network, so that you can make yourself the best possible gift: an afternoon of theater with a (simple) click of a button.

The network of theaters in the Community of Madrid is wide. So much so that it would be impossible to cover everything it offers.

But we make it easy for you. This Christmas you have to control travelling due to health measures, but there is no better way to travel than to sit in an armchair …

Wherever you are, in any town in Madrid, it offers you a really interesting cultural offer. We will provide it to you at the click of a button.

Do not hesitate, the best way to end the day is always in a theater.

We give you the links of all the spaces (in alphabetical order) so that you have the updated programming at all times, and from here you can buy your tickets.

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