June 29 2022

How long does youth last? Canal Performance and La Juan Gallery have the answer

One Saturday a month, different art creators and actors will stage representations that mix visual arts with theater, spoken word and film at the Teatros del Canal. Who goes first? Juan Gómez Alemán, from La Juan Gallery.

Teatros del Canal, directed by Blanca Li, do not stop reinventing themselves. Now Canal Performance is born. It will be done one Saturday a month. When is the first performance? This Saturday, December 12 at noon.


The Juan Gallery is defined on its website as “a laboratory of contemporary tools that supports emerging artists and a totally inclusive space”.

One Saturday a month, different creators related to audiovisual arts will put on stage a kind of representation that mixes visual arts with theater,  spoken word and film.

This project will showcase events that propose a route that extends beyond the walls of theater itself: in an art gallery, a market, a nightclub or a hairdresser´s saloon.

How long does youth last? This is the question that La Juan Gallery asks itself. A piece of collective creation in which young artists investigate their biorhythms, their levels of frustration and, especially, their desire to take over the world. The result is a hymn to life, freedom and self-love that reflects on the ephemeral nature of the first few times, rebellion faced with reality.

Who am I? Who are all those who live in me? A scale in which the weight of the present is measured against the lightness of being. The holidays and the hangovers. Melancholy and getting older. All passed through a filter that apparently eliminates imperfections and makes us perfect for other people.

The Juan Gallery is synonymous with a creative space. Their main objective, they explain, “has been –and continues to be– the consolidation of new audiences, those who are alive, who are born from the neighborhood, who are our neighbors –or not–”, because they understand that “the public can play other roles than the observer ”. In his opinion, “performance is the artistic discipline with the greatest projection at the moment we live”, and in it, “the artist’s body becomes the piece of art, and through action the rest of artistic disciplines such as painting, sculpture or architecture converge”.

Canal Performance is an activity of the Teatros del Canal of the Community of Madrid.

Juan Gómez Alemán, from La Juan Gallery, performs on Saturday, December 12 at 12 noon.