May 20 2022

Looking for the perfect Christmas plan? Discover the ligths of Torrejón de Ardoz

Madrid’s Christmas lighting are amazing. Torrejón de Ardoz is a great example, even though this Christmas has not deployed all its lighting, for obvious reasons. Have you seen them? They are pure fantasy!!!

Four trees twenty meters high, a giant gift box escorted by four tin soldiers inspired by the The Nutcracker ballet, three giant Wise Men, colossal camels, a monumental bell almost six meters high, twelve palm trees, two light nativity scenes, almond trees, gift boxes, Christmas balls, large angels, reindeers… And lots of tinsel. All these, and much more, can be seen in Torrejón de Ardoz in Christmas sparkles since last November 27th.

Every day, from 6 pm, you can enjoy the lighting at different streets of the city. And you can do it until next January 6th, 2021, plenty of time.

The Magical Christmast of this town near Madrid has reduced their activities in a year like this, due to the actual sanitary situation. Even so, it is still a very original and admirable light show, which meets all the requirements of respect for the environment and energy efficiency.

This year there will be no Grand Parade of the Kings of Light –according to many, the best in the Community of Madrid–, nor will it host the largest Christmas walk in Spain.

Although this year there has been no official opening ceremony of the lights because of the measures against COVID-19, let us remember that in previous years Torrejón de Ardoz had as special guests of the opening ceremony Raquel and Noemí Salazar (stars of Los Gipsy Kings, a famous Spanish tv show) in 2018. The singer Natalia –from OT1, Spanish first season of Fame Academy– had the same honor in 2019. In any case, you will be able to enjoy the lighting with or without special guests.


This year there was no inauguration ceremony due to sanitary measures. Natalia, from OT, was the celebrity invited last year.

But not everything is LED lights and monumental figures, The Museum of the City opens its doors to the exhibition El Belén. Illusion and emotion, which includes countless Spanish children’s nativity scenes from the 60s, 70s and 80s –made up of figures of Martian artisans, such as Manuel Ortigas Méndez, Juan Antonio Mirete Rubio or Pedro Serrano Moñino, who created nativity scenes in which all the figures are children or have childish features–.

There is also a space for nativity scenes tapestries, such as those by Agustina Sanz, which reproduce different cartoons for tapestries by Francisco de Goya, or those by María Luisa Pérez Aguilera, among others. These representations have never been exhibited before in the Museum of the City.

To complete the exhibition, they have a variety of reproductions taken from the historical archive of the Madrid Nativity Scene Association, which add interest to the exhibition and help to understand the context of the figures and materials exhibited.

Don’t forget that Antonio Tajani, president of the European Parliament, met in 2018 with the mayor of Torrejón, Ignacio Vázquez, to grant the recognition of European Capital of Christmas, an award created by the Fundación Iberoamérica Europa, an entity that has the recognition and patronage of the European Parliament. This prestigious award honors Torrejón’s Magical Christmas as a cultural and leisure event of an exceptional category.

Also, Torrejón de Ardoz City Council has decided to promote downtown shopping with the slogan ‘Shopping in Torrejón at Magical Christmast‘, with the main purpose of boosting the sector and encouraging residents to do their Christmas shopping in the municipality .

Until January 5th, 2021, all those customers who make purchases over 20 euros in any of the establishments subscribed to the campaign, will receive a scratch-off ballot to participate in prize draws for a total value of 9,800 euros (2,000 euros in prizes of 100 euros in scratch cards, and purchase checks of 3,000, 2,000, 1,500 and 800 euros) and a batch of products from registered businesses. To know more details about the Magical Christmas of Torrejón de Ardoz,

You can visit the official website here and find out all the details