August 11 2022

LGTBIQ + Associations of Madrid

Where can I find a place for an urgent HIV test? How and where to report a LGBTI aggression? You have all the info to contact them here. And remember it is essential to report all hate crimes. #StopLGBTIphobia.

In the Community of Madrid there are several associations that protect the LGBTIQ + rights of citizens. Some of them are related to sports, leisure and other recreational activities; others assist families at risk of social exclusion; others are dedicated to protecting, treating and preventing young people from HIV, carrying out free serological tests in different parts of Madrid.

There are also a wide range of organizations that ensure citizen security against hate crimes that, unfortunately, keep happening in these times.

Many others help and collaborate with single-parent families, helping transsexual or non-binary people to insert themselves, etc. If you want to discover which association you would like to collaborate with, be part of, or simply take a look, here is a list of the most important associations in the Community of Madrid. #StopHomofobia.



    Arcópoli is an association of volunteers from the Community of Madrid. They work for the social and legal equality of Lesbian, Gay, Trans and Bisexual (LGTB) and for the eradication of any form of LGTBphobia.

    C/Montera, 24 - 2º O
    Teléfono: 918 780 905