December 3 2021

Do you want to dance with Blanca Li? Now you can do it

The Canal Theaters host the international preview of ‘Le Bal de Paris by Blanca Li (pandemic version)’. A live virtual reality experience that will be on the bill until January 3.


The dance begins! Are you going to miss it? You can dance with than Blanca Li, as iconic names such as Pedro Almodóvar have been doing for years.

The Teatros del Canal open their dance halls, for this avant-garde experience with their artistic director, Blanca Li.

Until January 3, you can dance in an immersive, innovative and festive proposal that involves all the senses, cancels the boundaries between spectators and dancers, and tells a love story in three acts. Of course, it will be a reduced version, adapted to Covid-19 to comply with all security protocols. Remember, in Shangay we always support #Safeculture.

A group of up to nine spectators can enter the Green Room of the Teatros del Canal, ready to immerse themselves in a fantasy from another dimension. For this he is equipped with virtual reality glasses, the backpack and harness.

Three dancers await them, ready to play the main roles of the show, and invite the audience to dance with them in a fantastic and poetic setting. Both, audience and cast, will have the freedom to live the party in their own way, dancing, interacting and feeling as they wish this innovative creation.

The experience will last one hour, including preparation and departure time and you can buy tickets directly here.

Le Bal de Paris by Blanca Li (pandemic version) is the result of the collaboration of Blanca Li (whose passion for dance is joined by a great interest in new technologies) with the musician Tao Gutiérrez (nominated composer of ballets and soundtracks al Goya) and Vincent Chazal (graphic artist and storytelling designer for virtual reality, who here deals with graphic creation).


On the other hand, the award-winning studio BackLight, which has been exploring how to tell stories in digital formats or linked to video games since 2008, has accepted the challenge of imagining this unique experience. The costume design bears the hallmark of Chanel.

Teatros del Canal open their best dance hall this Christmas.

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