May 18 2022

You like beer? Try the craft beers of Madrid

If you are tired of drinking the same beer over and over again, try the native beers, they will surprise you.

Nowadays the varieties of beer have been reproduced exponentially, although some opt for the brands of a lifetime but it is always good to discover new flavors. The Community of Madrid offers you a heterogeneous list of craft beers, the blonde temptation on weekends.

In districts like La Latina, Chueca and Malasaña, already famous for being the kings of tapas, you will be able to taste what has become the fourth most consumed drink in the world. There are hundreds of types: blonde, black, barley, wheat, gluten-free, scout, porter ale, lager, and more. Those made in an artisanal way without flavorings or pasteurization, based on water, malt, yeast and hops gain followers.

The world of beer has evolved, dozens of master brewers have chosen to create their own brand and Madrid is one of them, we have creators from Vallecas, through the Sierra de Madrid and Colmenar Viejo. You shouldn’t miss a single one.

For more information on the gastronomic routes of the Community of Madrid.

Craft beers of the Community of Madrid

  • Bailandera

    This project, carried out in the Sierra Norte de Madrid, is managed by a cooperative of 5 women, passionate about their work, who seek to offer a quality product, created from ingredients from organic farming that respect the environment. . From Bustarviejo, Cerveza Bailandera offers a great variety of beers, choose your favorite!

  • Villa de Madrid Chula

    This Madrid beer is produced in an artisan way without pasteurization to guarantee the preservation of aromas and flavors, and using Madrid water. In addition, this company is very committed to the environment, so all its materials are recyclable, and production residues are reused as animal feed.

  • CCVK

    In the heart of Vallecas, you will find the Compañía de Cervezas del Valle del Kahs, which, located in the old bleach factory, owned by the family, since 2016 has successfully joined the Spanish craft sector. Come to its facilities since, in addition to tasting the craft beers in the bar and table area, you will be able to access the workshop to see first-hand the production process, as well as the filling of bottles and cans.

  • Freaks Lord Cobra

    This beer by Freaks Brewing is of relatively new, since the company emerged in 2015, and they have a free spirit, since their beers are made in the breweries that open their doors to them. If there is something that characterizes this project, it is the originality of its beers. Try them, they will surprise you.

  • Mustache Cerveza

    With the aim of achieving a sophisticated, original and unique beer, Mustache Cerveza, which also includes among its proposals, a unique beer in the world, matured in a pan in the Rías Baixas (Galicia).

  • Madriz Luchana

    In 2015 this brewery also emerged that seeks exclusivity through the use of quality ingredients. This drink identifies the Madrid lifestyle. Their logo is traditional, it is a cat, and it is well known in the city that this animal represents with those born in the capital.

  • Cervezas Artesanales LEST

    We travel to Colmenar Viejo to get to know this craft beer, which since 2010 has been making all kinds of beers from new recipes.

  • Cerveza Malasaña

    Two friends, with the dream of expanding the beer scene, started this project, which goes beyond the rules and is looking for be an original drink. Years later and with great success, they have several beers of different flavors and types.

  • La Cibeles Castaña

    With an intense dark amber color, beer lovers will enjoy its great flavor, the result of its 100% artisan production with natural ingredients without added preservatives, colorings or additives. It is perhaps the best known and was founded in 2010 in Leganés, choosing the Diosa Cibeles as the image for its bottles.

  • La Virgen Jamonera

    Made with toasted and caramelised malts that give it a very characteristic flavor and aroma, it has a reddish color that evokes the ham from which it owes its name. As a result of the idea of ​​three friends and co-workers, this brewing company emerged in 2011, which has managed to gain a space in the brewing world.

  • Mad Brewing Nº 3 Trigo Hoppy

    Already converted into a gastronomic reference, its place is located in Julián Camarillo. They have several permanent beers such as Pale Ale, Saison, Wheat IPA and Red Ale, but what characterizes them is that every month they surprise with their new varieties.

  • Enigma Origen

    The owners of this brewery found their inspiration by trying different craft beers in other countries. Captivated by its flavor and aromas, they decided to make their own beers from malts made by themselves. This was the beginning of a long trajectory that has led them to produce four different types, of which we highlight Origin.

  • La Quince Hop Fiction

    After several years of work, in 2013 La Quince Brewery emerged, a brewery in which its two partners make their products in the best factories with the collaboration of the best brewers. Our recomendation will surprise you with its herbal and fruity aromas.