August 11 2022

Trip to the stars: Restaurants with Michelin Star in Madrid

The new Michelin star of the Saddle restaurant consolidates the Community of Madrid as one of the gourmet cities of Spain. Madrid is a perfect mix of top-notch restaurants. In this guide we show you the route of the Michelin Stars. Get ready to taste flavors from another galaxy.

The gastronomic offer in Madrid is endless, but this guide does not compile all restaurant, only those that have been awarded by the Michelin Guide created by the illustrious André Michelín in 1910.

The judges are usually in charge of evaluating with different parameters – quality, creativity, flavors and others-, but this time we challenge you to be the ones who judge, we know that they will not leave you indifferent. Some of them opt for the most innovative and impressive cooking techniques, others for the certainty, tradition and good taste. In any case, if you decide to take the path of the stars, you will always find one to your liking. In addition to the dishes, normally, these starred restaurants make you enjoy the plating, a pleasant and chic environment, or good views, these spaces are created to delight you with the very best.

Most of them offer vegetarian and vegan alternatives, the choices for allergy sufferers and celiacs are also an option.

Three stars means that they have exceptional cuisine that justifies the trip, two stars are those whose excellent cuisine. Finally, those restaurants whose cuisine is very good in its category have a single star.

More information about the restaurants in the Michelin Guide for the Community of Madrid.

Restaurants with Michelin Star in the Region of Madrid