December 5 2021

Do you want to witness the birth of an opera? (a world premiere)

Teatro de la Abadía, one of the cultural flagships of the Community of Madrid, hosts the world premiere of ‘Marie’, an opera by Madrid-born Germán Alonso, with which the Teatro Real’s lyrical season continues.

Note: the appointment is from January 9, and this world cultural event will take place in Teatro de La Abadía . It is the world premiere of Marie, a ‘contemporary tragedy’ born out of the collaboration between three prominent artists, all born in the 80’s. It is not every day that you can attend a world premiere of an opera. This is the right occasion.

Composer Germán Alonso, playwright Lola Blasco and Sevillian stage director Rafael Villalobos are responsible for this first collaboration between the Teatro Real and the Teatro de La Abadía, who are co-producing the seven performances of this show together.

Rafael Villalobos, stage director, Lola Blasco, author of the libretto,, Germán Alonso, composer (Photos: Javier del Real)

The libretto is by Lola Blasco – National Dramatic Literature Award, 2016 – and part inspired by the drama Woyzeck by Georg Büchner (1813-1837).


The aim of the show is to highlight the character of Marie, murdered by the main character, whose profile is reconstructed from the story of the various characters and the author’s reflections, which analyze the murder from different perspectives.

The music of Germán Alonso assembles and deconstructs different musical sources, from baroque music to rock and electronic sounds, in a fluid osmosis in which the use of elements from the operas Wozzeck and Lulu by Alban Berg, present in the play’s dramaturgy, stands out.

Stage director Rafael Villalobos – Arts and Letters Award of the Foundation Princess of Girona, 2019 – is also responsible for the costume design, and proposes a production based on the personnengerie, with a great body of work, placing the action in a metaphorical space of reflection that delves into what is essential, timeless and universal in this contemporary tragedy.

The work, articulated as a via crucis by Marie, practically invisible in Büchner’s drama, takes place in a space designed by Emanuele Sinisi, with lighting by Felipe Ramos, conceived as a specific site for the Teatro de La Abadía.

Nicola Beller Carbone is the soprano that gives life to Marie, and Xavier Sabata is Wozzeck. The protagonists, in a rehearsal..

The performances of this opera -part of the season of the Teatro Real– take place between January 9th and 17th, and stars counter-tenor Xavier Sabata and soprano Nicola Beller Carbone (Jordi Domènech and Valentina Coladonato will perform on January 10th), as well as actors Julia de Castro, Pablo Rivero Madriñán and Luis Tausía.

A moment of the performance, with the second of the opera’s casts..

The work aims to provide a space for reflection on gender violence, giving visibility to Marie, to all Marie, forgotten and nameless victims.

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More information about the Teatro de La Abadía, one of the most prestigious theaters in Madrid, at the website of Turismo de la Comunidad de Madrid