December 9 2021

The last years of Callas: Albert Boadella remembers the diva

Soprano Maria Rey-Joly brings life to the opera icon (and the LGTBI collective) in this show -between theater and opera-, performed at the Teatros del Canal in the Community of Madrid from January 14 to 24.

Albert Boadella returns to operatic drama. And he does so in the Teatros del Canal after previous productions such as his excellent (and questioned) vision of Verdi’s Don Carlo, El pimiento Verdi or ¿Y ¿Y si nos enamoramos de Escarpia?

Now he in dives into nothing less than in the myth of Maria Callas, a true LGTBI icon and a woman of legend. The intention is to recreate the tragic life of this great diva when she was abandoned by Onassis and her voice no longer met the expectations of her fame.

A show between theater and opera with soprano Maria Rey-Joly in the role of Callas and the pianist and tenor Antonio Comas as Onassis.

After its premiere on January 9th at the Teatro Palacio Valdés in Avilés, Diva will be on stage at the Sala Verde of the Teatros del Canal from January 14th to 24th.

Arias of Tosca, Il Trovatore, Madama Butterfly, La Wally, Dido and Aeneas, Otello or Norma are used to enrich the plot. The life of Callas had something of a tragic opera: on the one hand, there was the lonely Maria Callas, who went through great personal sacrifices; on the other, there was the public figure, who collected great triumphs, surrounded by both the artistic and the social jet set: Visconti, Pasolini, Churchill, Marilyn Monroe or Grace Kelly to name but a few lived quite a few experiences with the diva.

This play condenses her last years, in which the artist immersed in decadence. Onassis had died, and the critics were fed up with her. She lived in a world of memories, disdaining the present while forcing her repeater to accompany her in an imaginary repertoire that she would never be able to perform again.

Boadella also uses this drama to create a sadomasochistic situation. In her delirium, she imagines Onassis as her partner in some of the great operatic dramas she starred in; someone who kills her or someone with whom she dies at the end of the opera.

It is the beginning of the road to her own mysterious end, which she will soon materialize at her own will.

Here you can buy tickets for Diva, in the Canal Theatres, the last years of Maria Callas according to Albert Boadella.

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