November 30 2022

Madrid opens up its kitchens to international cuisine (the gastro guide to a cosmopolitan community)

Discovering new flavors is always a pleasure. In the streets of Madrid we find restaurants from all corners of the world and, as traveling is complicated, we bring you a list of the best restaurants of international cuisine. Eating out in Madrid is a tasty way to travel around the world, let’s do it together!

Madrid is a cosmopolitan city, where people of more than 60 nationalities live together. In addition, Madrid receives annually more than six million foreign tourists. This happy reality gives Madrid a multicultural spirit, reflected in a wide gastronomic offer that ‘travels’ around the world.

America is the second largest continent on the planet, and its extension is so vast that it is divided into three subcontinents. Central, North and South America are territories with completely different gastronomies in which, even within the countries themselves, offer countless contrasts.

Such is the variety and richness of gastronomy and products of the old continent that each country would deserve a separate chapter. Madrid is really fortunate to have an immense variety of restaurants with diverse European cuisines; so many that visitors can enjoy a gastronomic tour throughout Europe, from neighboring France or Portugal to distant Russia, without leaving the capital of Spain…

We have also included in our guide of restaurants, many of them offering haute cuisine, those who share delicious recipes from Southeast Asia, China and India.

Take a look at the ones that interest you the most and do not hesitate to book, since all restaurants are going through complicated times due to the pandemic. Let’s help activate the economy with a full stomach.

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