December 6 2022

60 hot spots of Madrid’s architecture (the best guide to take a trip through history and design)

The heritage of the Community of Madrid is fascinating. Centuries of history are reflected in its buildings. These are the 60 most striking and important buildings of Madrid’s architecture. At the click of a button you can organize your getaway directly to the place you are more interested in.

The routes through Madrid’s architecture are another of the great tourist attractions the capital and the region offer. Strolling through the streets of many towns in the community turns into a journey through history. From the sobriety of the House of Austria to the Frenchified style of the Bourbons; from the best civil architecture of the 19th century to the modern skyscrapers of the companies that control the economy of the 21st century; from the imposing religious architecture, with convents and churches that are museums, to contemporary art centers… You can find it all in this selection, that gathers the rich architectural heritage of a very diverse and culturally rich community, maybe not as well known as it should be.

So that you can make the most of it, we propose a selection of some of the most emblematic, formidable and unique buildings.

Monuments and places architecturally beautiful and of great value, true Madrid icons visited and photographed by many people.

Take a walk through the Community of Madrid and enjoy all the hot spots of its architecture. Whether you are from Madrid or not, you will surely be surprised by a building you had not paid much attention to. So that’s it… let yourself be surprised and travel through history!

Madrid's architecture