November 28 2022

Enotourism, the best way to get to know the Community of Madrid (and enjoy a heavenly pleasure)

For years, the Community of Madrid has increasingly highlighted ‘wine tourism’, thanks to the wide variety of landscapes and wineries that can be found without leaving the region. Since 1990 the designation of origin “Wines of Madrid” showcases their quality . Discover them with us!

The world of wine is a universe in its own, with a thousand nuances, and closely linked to the history of many places. That is why we invite you to train your budding winemaker’s palate by taking a wine route through the best wineries. And, at the same time, get to know cities and villages full of history and charm. We have made a selection of places, wineries and establishments where you can taste the best wines without leaving the Community of Madrid.

Madrid stands out more and more as an ideal destination for wine tourism. Less than an hour from the capital, you will find a wide variety of landscapes, wineries and experiences based around wine.

In the area around Arganda, we have one of the best examples of cultural landscape in a unique setting. Watered by the rivers Tajuña and Henares, it is a land of orchards and crops that filled the larder of the court of the kings of Spain both in the eighteenth and nineteenth century.

The area of Navalcarnero also has an important landscape value: a land of countryside and meadows, with characteristic plains cut from north to south by the Guadarrama River. Very different from the area of San Martín de Valdeiglesias, more rugged and mountainous due to the factt of its proximity of the Central System: pastures, mountains and pine forests define its landscape of great natural value.

Do not forget to visit the villages -which grew with the vineyards and the economic wealth they generated- and their characteristic squares, churches, monuments, caves, subway cellars… These towns are, without a doubt, the ideal place to enjoy the varied gastronomy of Madrid, an ideal complement to pair with its wines.

You can also go for different activities, such as tastings to learn how to pair food and wine, sign up to workshops with an oenologist, visit wineries, taste good local wines in an improvised picnic, and also, obviously, complete your experience with the wide gastronomic offer of the region. Check out our selection and get ready for a fantastic tasting.

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