May 19 2022

Navalcarnero, a Real Villa that breathes history

Navalcarnero, along with five other charming tourist towns, is part of the Villas de Madrid program. Get to know them all and enjoy promotions and discounts offered by the different restaurants, hotels and stores. What are you waiting for to visit them all?

Navalcarnero is located in the southwest of the Community of Madrid, between the rivers Guadarrama and Alberche. It was founded on October 10, 1499 and, since then, has witnessed many historical events, such as the wedding of King Philip IV with his niece Doña Mariana of Austria, thanks to which it was granted the title of “Villa Real”.

We suggest you start at the Plaza del Teatro, as it is a beautiful and picturesque place.

Next to it you will find the Plaza de Segovia, the busiest space since the town was created. The activity of the locals does not differ much from how it probably was in the sixteenth century. Stop for a moment between the porticoes, have a glass of local wine and you will understand what we mean.

If you like handicrafts, try to stop by on the second Sunday of every month (except July and August), to take advantage of the handicraft market held in the square.

Near the center is the Parish Church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, visible from almost every angle of Navalcarnero, declared a Historic-Artistic Monument. If your thing is art, you can not miss it, as it has one of the most beautiful baroque altarpieces in the region. In short, you will not find a better example of the early Renaissance in the surroundings of the village.

We also recommend that you visit the Church of San José, small in size but extraordinary. As well as the Plaza del Pozo Concejo, a new public space for recreation; a beautiful place for the meeting and coexistence of both neighbors and visitors. The modern is mixed with the traditional in these corners.

In addition, do not miss the Veracruz and San Roque Chapels, the latter, curiously erected by a knight of the Order of Santiago. The Ermita de Veracruz stands out for its frescoes and mural paintings, which have remained intact since its construction. From there, head to the Plazuela del Mercado. On one side stands the Casa de la Lonja, one of the best examples of a 19th century manor house you will find in the region.

The Wine Museum pays tribute to the wine industry, which is an inseparable part of Navalcarnero’s identity. It is divided into two spaces: the winery, originally from the 19th century, and the cave, with thematic exhibitions focused on the history of Navalcarnero wines, the winemaking process, local wineries and their wines and, finally, a sensory experience called “Wine through the five senses”.

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