November 28 2022

Nuevo Baztán: discover the old industrial center of Madrid

The town of Nuevo Baztan is located southeast of the Community of Madrid, and was founded in the early eighteenth century by Juan de Goyeneche y Gaston. Thanks to its important heritage, it was declared a Historic-Artistic Monument in 1941 and a Site of Cultural Interest in early 2000. Follow us to discover it!

Its name, “Nuevo Baztán”, is related to the town of Baztán, in Navarra, where Juan de Goyeneche came from. When Juan de Goyeneche decided to create this urban complex, he commissioned the project to José Benito de Churriguera; him and his brothers were the most famous architects of the time, and they developed a more loaded and decorated Baroque style, known as “Churrigueresque”.

We recommend you begin the visit at the Interpretation Center, the palace’s former wine cellar, where you can learn about the scope of the industrial project through its models and audiovisual projections.

Continue taking a stroll through the town and walk through its streets and squares, where, in the golden age of Hollywood ,films such as “El Zorro“, “The Return of the Magnificent Seven” or “The Three Musketeers” were shot, with actors involved such as Alain Delon, Charlton Heston and Lucia Bosé. Spanish artists such as Emma Cohen, Fernando Rey and Esperanza Roy also worked here.

Continuing our tour, we arrive at the Plaza de las Fiestas, also known as Plaza de Toros, because it was the site for bullfighting festivals, plays and concerts during the time of Goyeneche. It is delimited by the Casas de Oficios and its wonderful balconies with arches. It has been recently recovered for the public, because for years it was closed. It houses film screenings during the summer.

Let’s not forget the Market Square or the Secret, perhaps one of the most picturesque spaces to be found in the town. The name comes from the commercial function it played, attracting traders from all over the region.

The palace and residence of Goyeneche forms a continuous facade with the church, forming the central nucleus of this monumental municipality. It was lend to the Community of Madrid by its owner, the bank Banesto, in 1989.

Built with limestone, it shines by its harmony, simplicity and austerity. It has two heights, and on its right end stands a tower reminiscent of Herrera, topped by a stone balustrade and balls, in tribute to Juan de Herrera and his escurialense style.

The Church of San Francisco Javier is presided over by an image of the saint, and the facade abounds in the classicist baroque that characterizes the whole. The small temple has a single hall, with a wide transept and rectangular presbytery.

One of the best ways to get to know the town is through celebrations such as the Javierada in March and the Fiestas de la Fundación in October. Throughout the year, exhibitions, concerts and festivals complement the cultural offer.

Nuevo Baztan is also nature. If hiking is your thing, you can’t miss the Senda de Valmores. The path partly follows the course of the Vega stream, which flows downstream into the Tajuña.

We recommend you to visit the tourist office of Nuevo Baztán for more information.

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