November 26 2022

The route through the sweetest Madrid (discover its centenary bakeries)

Everybody loves sweets and pastries, that’s why we propose this delicious route. Do you fancy some ‘torrijas’ and other a typical pastries of the region? Every season has its own traditional cakes, and enjoying what these centenary bakeries have to offer is… pure joy.

In Madrid we have a long list of typical dishes for all tastes, but pastry is also one of our strengths. Ready for the other gastronomic route?

We have made a selection of the most renowned historic pastry shops in Madrid, where you can enjoy the best sweets and delicatessen. Many of them allow you to order online or pick up in store, ready to take away.

We invite you to go and get to know them, and to take away in situ your sweets and pastries of choice. This way you can also observe the historical premises around them and live a full experience.

Take the sweetest tour of Madrid: a route through its most legendary bakeries, where you can enjoy the smell and taste of polvorones, turrones, mantecados, roscones de reyes, chocolate with churros, marzipan, puff pastries … That said, every season has its typical sweets and pastries, and there are others available throughout the year.

If just hearing about these typical sweets makes your mouth water, take note of these places where you’ll find them, some with more than 100 years of history behind them.

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Pastry shops in Madrid

  • La Mallorquina

    Coll, Ripoll and Balaguer founded this bakery ,which owes its name to the place of origin of the owners. Therefore, following the tradition of their birthplace, the star product at that time was the ‘ensaimada’, which they still sell with great success. But what really captivated the people of Madrid was the taste of their almost mythical ‘napolitanas’. Who can resist tasting when passing through Calle Mayor?

    Puerta del Sol, 8
    Teléfono: 915 211 201
  •  Casa Mira

    After six generations, the Mira family continues to offer their amazing cakes and nougat to the people of Madrid. Its founder, Luis Mira, was the supplier of sweets to the royal family during the reign of Isabel II. Casa Mira is the only nougat factory that exists from mid-nineteenth century. Because of its fame and general acclaim, their products are even exported outside our country. A delight for the most demanding palates.

    Carrera S. Jerónimo, 30
    Teléfono: 914 298 895
  • La Antigua Pastelería del Pozo

    Since 1830, various members of the Agudo family have been making their famous handmade puff pastries, ‘Cadiz bread’, roscones and nougat in this popular bakery. Despite the various reforms, the furniture is still the original from the time it was founded. The name is due to the street where it is located: Calle del Pozo number 6, where there was the belief that there was a hidden well that performed miracles, because it housed relics of saints.

    C/Pozo, 8
    Teléfono: 915 223 894
  • El Riojano

    El Riojano, founded by Dámaso de la Maza (that was his nickname), has been sweetening the capital with his creations since 1855. This is a pastry shop that has passed from bosses to employees since its foundation, and whose most outstanding products are the C-shaped and lemon-flavored sweets served during the Council of State. The pastry shop “El Riojano” respects the typical sweets of the capital according to the calendar of festivities in Madrid. So, depending on when you visit, you can savor Christmas roscones, San Antón rolls, ‘silly’ and ‘smart’ donuts, sugar of San Isidro, ‘bones’ and ‘fritters’ of the saint, or the the Almudena crown.

    C/Mayor, 10
    Teléfono: 913 664 482
  • Lhardy

    Founded in 1832, this bakery was known at the beginning for its Swiss products. Seven years later, they grew and also housed a restaurant where you could taste exquisite dishes. It became a worshipped place by madrilians, and a place of reunion for politicians and intellectuals. When you open its doors, you feel like you return to the past, as they maintain the aesthetics and furnishings typical of the times when it was inaugurated.

    Carrera S. Jerónimo, 8
    Teléfono: 915 213 385
  • Viena Capellanes

    The Vienna Bread is patented and manufactured exclusively by this bakery. Who have to go back to 1873, when the bakery was established in the old Casa de Capellanes; from the combination of these two facts, the name was created. This bakery managed to be one of the first suppliers of the Royal Family. Currently, you can visit several Viena Capellanes throughout the capital, due to the franchising nature of the brand.

    C/Génova, 25
    Teléfono: 913 192 635